Caddie Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the Wayzata CC caddie program. The minimum age to begin is 14 years old. Beginning caddies are expected to carry one bag, keep up with the players, keep clubs and balls clean, replace divots, watch the ball in flight, rake bunkers and attend the flagstick. The duties and expectations of our caddies continue to grow as the caddie gains experience and is able to carry two bags. Our caddie master will determine when those criteria are met and when our caddies advance to a higher rating. 

Click here to download the 2022 Caddie Program Application

Evans Scholarship

The Evans Scholarship Program is designed specifically for college-bound caddies. The scholarship pays full tuition and housing costs at one of 19 universities across the nation that currently have an Evans Scholarship Program. Applicants must have a strong caddie record, excellent grades, financial need and outstanding character. For more information on the Evans Scholarship, visit the Western Golf Association website. 


If you have any other questions regarding the caddie program, please email the golf shop at

How old do I have to be to caddie? 

In order to caddie, you must be 14 years old by June 1 of the current year. 

How do I register? 

There is no registration process. All new caddies must go through an orientation and two instruction classes that are held on Saturdays and Sundays in May from 3:00-4:30 pm. No classes will be held on Memorial Day Weekend. 

Do I have to be a certain size in order to caddie? 

There are no specific size requirements in order to caddie. Each caddie must be able to carry at least one golf bag for 18 holes while keeping up with his/her player for the entire round. 

How much will I get paid? 

A caddie’s pay is based directly on her/his classification. There are 3 classifications: Honor, A, and B. New caddies are considered B class during the training process and move up classes as they demonstrate the skills required by each classification. Each caddie is entitled a daily per bag rate, and will generally be tipped by the player based on the caddie’s performance. 

What does the training process entail? 

  • Attend a 90 minute orientation session.  
  • Complete one (1) on-course training sessions. This allows new caddies to physically carry a golf bag in a low-stress setting with a caddie trainer while learning the basics of caddying. 
  • Perform at least (1) shadow loop where a Trainee will accompany an experienced caddie on the course for a real round of golf. Observing one of our top caddies in action is the best way to learn how to caddie. The Trainee caddie will take the bag for three (3) holes during the shadow loop, which gives the experienced caddie and the player the chance to offer advice to the new caddie. 

How often will I get to caddie?

We use a unique, merit-based system to do caddie assignments. Our highest level caddies have priority when receiving caddie assignments. Once you have completed the training process, you will be considered a “B caddie”. B caddies must wait at the caddie building until they are assigned for that day. There will be days when B caddies come in early and do not get out; however, it is the caddie master’s goal to get as many caddies on the golf course as possible. If a B caddie sits in the caddie building for a day without receiving work, she/he will receive priority over other B caddies the next time she/he shows up. As caddies get more experience and improve their skills, they will be able to caddie more frequently. 

How do I get promoted? 

Evaluations of caddies are made on a daily basis by golfers, caddie supervisors, and members of the golf staff. Promotions will be awarded by the caddie supervisor based upon a caddie’s length of service, number of rounds, adherence to the rules, overall attitude, and caddie evaluations from golfers. There is not a set number of rounds that qualifies you for promotion. Once you demonstrate the abilities associated with a certain caddie classification, you will be promoted accordingly. 

Will I get to play the golf course?

Once you have reached A Caddie status, you earn the privilege to play the golf course on certain Monday’s by arranging a time with the caddie master. Playing golf is a privilege that is earned through hard work and can be taken away for any misconduct while playing or caddying.